About Our Business

                            "Every person has the right to a fair trial"

Our investigations are limited to the area of criminal defense. These
investigations include pretrial and post trial issues in both state and
federal courts.

We have conducted over 40 Death Penalty (Guilt & Penalty phases)
investigations and over 275 murder investigations(defense). We are also
known as Mitigation Specialists for capital crimes and S.V.P. cases.
Our firm
has investigated more Death Penalty cases than most Public Defender
offices in the United States!

Our History

Arizona West Investigations is owned by Robert P. Royce. In 1981 Mr. Royce
began as a government law enforcement officer and trained by the
Department of Justice .

After retiring from law enforcement in 1993, Mr. Royce formed Defense
Investigation Group in Los Angeles, California. While working on federal
RICO cases, Mr. Royce traveled to Arizona. He saw that the Arizona criminal
justice system was suffering from the same problems as California. He saw
a need for high quality criminal defense investigations to help prevent
wrongful convictions. During Mr. Royce's time in law enforcement, he noticed
that most criminal defense investigators were statement takers and not
conducting any true investigations. It is Mr. Royce's opinion that the lack of  
experience by criminal defense investigators has contributed to the high rate
of wrongful convictions.


  • Major narcotic violations

  • Organized crime

  • Gang allegations

  • Kidnapping

  • Robbery

  • Sexual assaults

  • Terrorist allegations

  • Murder

  • Death penalty / Guilt & Penalty phases

  • Post convictions (state & federal)

  • Human trafficking  

  • Cold case murders

  • Witness locates (After the police relocate them, we find them)

  • Political Corruption

  • Appellate Case Analysis -
          We will review the investigative work product of the case on appeal
          and provide you with a detailed report, based on our expert opinion,
          about any errors or omissions during the pretrial investigation.

  • Motion for New Trial -
           We will review and conduct an analysis of the investigative work   
           product on the case and provide you with a detailed report, based on
           our expert opinion,  about any errors or omissions with the pretrial


We are authorized to accept cases from these jurisdictions

                      All United States District Courts

                      All California Superior Courts

                      All United States Military Courts

                      All Arizona Courts

                      American Indian Tribal Courts

            (888) 534-5552
About Us
We have located
more witnesses in
the government's
witness protection
program than any
other private
investigation firm
in California or
All of our
investigations are
conducted in a
manner with all
state and federal
laws being
This firm has
conducted over
275 murder
investigations (for
the defense) which
include multiple
murders, contract
murders gang
murders. We have
conducted 40
Death Penalty
cases for both the
guilt and penalty
Arizona West Investigations
(888) 534-5552

433 N. Camden Dr., Suite 600
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
On August 13,
2010, our firm
was assigned
40th Death
Penalty case.