Protecting The Innocent From Government Prosecutors

Defense Investigation Group, Inc. is based in Beverly Hills
California and owned by Robert P. Royce. We specialize in
criminal defense investigations for major crimes. Our private
investigation firm is well known and respected by attorneys and
judges through-out Los Angeles County. We have recently open
our services to attorneys and law professionals in the state of
Arizona. Our Scottsdale office will be opening soon.

Our company understands the government's methods of
attacking all citizens including the rich, the poor and minorities
of this great country. We believe that everyone has the absolute
right to a fair trial and an even playing field with the
government. We do not allow the government to dissuade us
from our goal of finding the truth.

Our firm accesses the highest rated private databases that
assist in tracking and locating witnesses. We have located more
witnesses in the government's witness protection program than
any other California and Arizona private investigator.

We maintain professional memberships in local, state and
national criminal defense investigator associations.  Our
investigators attend at least three training seminars a year to be
updated on all laws, forensic techniques and investigation

We are also the defense investigation firm that police officers
turn to when they get indicted, arrested or charged with felony
crimes on duty or off duty. They know we are the bull dogs of
criminal defense investigators. Thats why they want us on their
case and they should know!

Criminal defense investigation is a highly specialized discipline
within itself and therefore requires education, experience,
training and research suited to its own needs. Our firm is one of
the few investigation firms in Arizona that specializes only in
criminal defense.


             Our 2010 Major Case History

People v. J. Perez (Feb 2010)
Client Charged with Special Circumstance - 10 people shot 3
people dead (trial pending)

People v. L. Stewart (July 2010)
Death Penalty trial - Our mitigation investigation was a major
reason for 2 hung juries and the prosecutor dismissing the
death penalty - client sentenced to life.

People v. M. Johnson (June 2010)
Death Penalty trial - Our mitigation investigation played a major
role in a hung jury in the penalty phase.

People v. T. Lewis  (May 2010)
Death Penalty trial - Client sentenced to death.

People v. M. Thompson (March 2010)
Special Circumstance double murder - Death Penalty trial

People v. S. Kole (May 2010)
Special Circumstance triple murder - Death Penalty trial

                      Past Case History

People v. Timothy McGhee (2009)
Featured on America's Most Wanted television program more
than any other person. Mr. McGhee was suspected of 16
murders and 9 attempted murders. The DA filed 9 murder cases.
After our investigation was completed, we revealed the
prosecutor was "dumping murders" on Mr. McGhee. We went to
trial with Mr. McGhee facing 3 murders and 9 attempt murder

People v. P. Mercado (2010)
This case is currently featured on the History Channel - the
Gangland series about the Asian Boys street gang.

People v. Carlos Sanchez (2009)
Charged with first degree murder - Our investigation was the
sole reason the prosecutor dropped the charges and our client
was released from jail.

People v. S. Tapia (2009)
Charged with first degree murder. Our investigation played a
major role with our client pleading to a manslaughter.

People v. Wilber Quintanilla (2009)
Charged with first degree murder. Our investigation and
interview of the prosecution's key witness helped with the a
manslaughter plea.

People v. Enrique Sanchez (2009)
Charged with first degree murder and went to jury trial. Mr.
Sanchez was found not guilty and sent home the same day.


We have a 28
year history
of providing
the highest
service and
work product
to our clients.
Arizona West Investigations

Established in 1998                           AZ Lic. # 1511498

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Our research
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Most county
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All of our
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Second place
is not an
option in a
criminal trial!